AMIR Master 2022-2024 - 2nd Application Period


Master AMIR

AMIR Master 2022-2024 - 2nd Application Period

schedule Closing:

27/06/2022 23:59


Time zone: Europe/Paris

A Second application period for additional applications to the 6th edition of the AMIR Master Programme (2022-2024) is now open, until Monday 27th June 2022 end of day (Central European Summer Time).

Please note that Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's scholarships (full scholarships) are not offered during this appliation period. They will be offered again for the 2023 edition of the programme next year.

Given that the 2022 program begins in early/mid September this year, students requiring a visa to study in the European Union are discouraged from applying during this application period.

As regards the Study tracks, candidates can choose from any of the three year one options (choices are guaranteed - no ranking is required) and then any of the three year 2 options, which must be ranked in order of preference. The full list of modules offered at each partner university is available at www.amir-master.com/programme

The AMIR programme aims to ensure some balance between the number of students at each partner university, in particular in year 2, for this reason only the strongest candidatures following evaluation will be granted their first choices.

For further details about fees and scholarships, as well as supporting documents to be uploaded and the application process in general, please first visit the relevant pages at www.amir-master.com. Candidates may also contact amir.master@u-bordeaux.fr in case of additional questions or doubts.